The Union of Concerned Scientists is working on a landmark report that will name oil/gas/coal companies and tie them to corporate practices that trigger specific changes in climate.

That investigation follows the late 2013 release of a study that named the 90 biggest producers of carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Published in the journal Climate Action, that report focused on the overall production by energy companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron Royal Dutch Shell, BP, British Coal, Peabody Energy, ConocoPhillips, Saudi Aramco, Gazprom, Coal India, Petroleos de Venezuela, Kuwait Petroleum, Pemex and National Iranian Oil Co.

UCE’s report will fine-tune that data, connecting individual polluters to hot button issues such as rising sea levels. Imagine the impact of a PR campaign outing a polluter to devastation from a future Super-storm Sandy.

The non-profit group expects its effort to “name names and “assign responsibility” will also out greenwashing produced by Big Energy and its allies.

The United Nations has estimated that at the current rate of emissions, the atmosphere will enter a “danger zone” in 30 years.