If Larry King had any scruples, he would follow Liz Wahl out the door on RT America.

larry kingWahl made a high-profile on-air resignation on March 6 at the Russian government-sponsored cable/online propaganda channel that shamefully touts Russia’s grab of Crimea as a high-minded service to its allegedly beleaguered population.

“I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the action of Putin,” she said. Flabbergasted RTA slapped the embarrassing exit as unprofessional and “nothing more than a self-promotional stunt.”

RTA does know a little about the promotional arts. It depicts Vladimir Putin as a principled and strong leader with rock-solid support from his people who is doing God’s work. He’s unfairly being tarred and feathered by the corporate media of the west, goes the RTA fable. The “news” network assures viewers that Russia’s robust economy would withstand any retaliatory sanctions.

In short, RTA is living in Vladimir’s wonderful world of fantasy, where people of the former Soviet Union yearn for his return.

How does Larry King, whose program launched in June at RTA, remain at Russia propaganda central?

In hiring King, RTA hailed him as “ultimate figurehead of U.S. broadcasting.” It praised King’s ability to never “shy away from controversy," which is precisely what he is doing by remaining on Putin’s payroll.

King claims he’s “passionate about government and issues that impact the public.” A passionate man would do the right thing. King is the face of RTA, which featured him on commercial after commercial that the network ran during Putin’s Olympics. His exit would be a blow.

Does King really want to cap a 56-year career by flogging at an outlet that purposely feeds misinformation and distortions to its viewers to gin up support for an illegal occupation of Crimea and a potential occupation of eastern Ukraine?

That’s not a good legacy for a former broadcast giant.