LB International Solutions is representing Turkey in conjunction with Dick Gephardt’s Gephardt Group.

The firm, launched in D.C. in February, is the home of Lydia Borland, who once worked for Livingston Group, which was founded by former House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston. She served as Washington’s representative of the Turkish-U.S. Business Council.

The firm of former House Majority Leader and Democratic presidential nominee contender re-upped with Turkey in January, inking a full-year pact worth $1.4M. It has dealt with issues such as Syria, Hamas, Iranian sanctions and missile defense.

Turkey has been in the news regarding the prime minister’s threat to crack down on social media following local elections at the end of the month.

Turkey’s president subsequently denied any threat to restrict Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other outlets used to publicize corruption charges levied against the government of PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan.