Podesta Group is representing South Sudan, the world's newest country, one rocked by civil war led by factions loyal to either its president or vice president.

Turmoil in the oil-rich country have its neighbors on edge with fears that unrest may spill over South Sudan's borders.

Five east African states (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Djibouti) are planning to dispatch troops by mid-April to monitor a perspective peace-treaty.

Egypt is anticipated to join those African Union peace-keepers.

Podesta has a $480K one-year contract with South Sudan that calls for government and public relations to improve the country's ties with the U.S.

For South Sudan, Podesta will keep it abreast of the U.S. political scenes and maintain contacts with the media and non-governmental organizations.

The contact is payable $120K in advance each quarter with local fees capped at $2K per-month.

Client approval is required for travel expenses of more than $300.

South Sudan, which is largely populated by Christians or followers of African traditional religions, split from Muslim-dominated Sudan in 2011.