PR Consulting, the downtown Manhattan fashion boutique used by LS Fashion Limited, the company of the late L'Wren Scott, is denying reports that it is on shaky financial ground.

scotScott, the former girlfriend of Mick Jagger, committed suicide in New York on Saint Patrick’s Day.

The company filed financials in London in October, showing a loss of about $6M in 2012.

Those figures, according to a statement from PRC, are “not only highly misleading and inaccurate but also extremely hurtful and disrespectful to the memory of L’Wren Scott.”

The deceased 49-year-old was “considering a restructure of her global business.”

The statement admits that “some areas of the business had not yet reached their potential, other parts of her business were proving successful.”

Overall, the “long term prospects of the business were encouraging.”

U.K.’s Guardian noted that LSF has lost money in Britain since its 2006 start-up there, but that activity is only a small part of its business, which primarily comes of New York.

Scott, who recently introduced a collection at Banana Republic, has clothed Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman.

PRC has worked for Versace, Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Joe Fresh, The Nasty Gal, The Jones Group and Louis Vuitton, along with lifestyle/culinary clients such as The Mercer Hotel, Gramercy Park Hotel and The Standard Grill.