The trade group representing developers of Canada’s tar sands has hired former New York State Congressman Mike Arcuri as its Washington pitchman.

His Cannae Policy Group is the first U.S. lobbyist for the In Situ Sands Alliance.

The Calgary-based organization says it stands for the responsible development and transport of Canada’s heavy oil, which is the world’s third largest reserve.

Arcuri, who served in Congress from `07 to `11, is pushing an agenda, which covers import, export, rail transportation and technology issues between the U.S and Canada.

In Congress, Democrat Arcuri was a political moderate who represented the central New York State region of Utica, Rome and Auburn. Republican Richard Hanna defeated Arcuri’s re-election bid.

The central New York region is home to the Marcellus Shale reserves, which has fueled an economic upswing in neighboring Pennsylvania.

NY governor Andrew Cuomo and environmentalist have thwarted the exploitation of the state’s shale.

Rail transport of oil through the Empire State is another hot button issue.

Canada’s Athabasca Oil, Laricina Energy, MEG Energy and OSUM Oil Sands bankroll the ISSA.

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have yet to approve/reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would transport Canadian tar sand oil to Gulf of Mexico refineries.