The Wall Street Journal today buried the blockbuster report from the UN body, which calls for immediate actions to curtail greenhouse gas emissions in order to stave off future environmental disaster.

climateBy putting the story on A-18, the global warming-hating News Corp. property apparently considers the UN report “an inconvenient truth.”

In featuring the story as today’s lede, the New York Times gave it the coverage (1,697 words) it deserved.

“Throughout the 21st century, climate change impacts are projected to slow down economic growth, make poverty reduction more difficult, further erode food security, and prolong existing and create new poverty traps, the latter particularly in urban areas and emerging hot spots of hunger,” the NYT quoted from the report.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change study predicts food supply threats and possible armed conflicts over land, water and other resources due to the affects of global heating.

The scientists attributed declining snowpack coverage in the American west, which reduces available drinking water supplies, and increased erosion of Alaska due to the collapse of sea ice to allow huge waves to hit The Last Frontier.

The authors noted some progress on the greenhouse gas front, as some countries and businesses are making plans to adapt to climate disruptions.

The Times noted those efforts come as “some conservatives in the US and a small number of scientists continue to deny that a problem exists.”

The WSJ is among that noisy band of climate change deniers. The last paragraph of the 724-word article notes the “IPCC’s credibility has come under scrutiny since a 2007 report that continued errors about the pace of the melting of Himalayan glaciers.”

That’s a blatant effort to cast a doubt in the minds of readers about the validity and credibility of the landmark study released yesterday.

That move is standard operating procedure in the media that views climate change as super-heated propaganda manufactured by warming zealots like former VP Al Gore. [By the way, Happy Birthday, Al!]

Though it may be inconvenient and costly, it’s only by acting on the truth talked up by Gore and 99 percent of the scientific community can the world head over global disaster.