Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will decide by yearend whether he'll run for the Republican nomination for president.  He should go for it.

jeb bushHis candidacy would be the best thing to happen to the Democratic party, which seems—at this point—hopelessly enthralled by Hillary Clinton.

Just as the Republicans need a “thoughtful” non-flamethrower as their standard bearer, the Democrats need a robust challenge to Clinton. They are not getting it. The widespread perception that the former First Lady, New York Senator, presidential contender and Secretary of State has paid her dues and locked-up the Democratic nomination has made the party complacent.

Jeb Bush would provide a robust threat to Clinton’s path to the White House, forcing her to justify why she deserves to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  At least Snow White had seven dwarfs. Other than long shots former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Maryland’s Martin O’Malley and Vermont national treasure Bernie Sanders, Democrats are bereft of a viable national candidate. Somebody has to step up to Hillary. It might as well be Jeb.

A spirited race between Bush and Clinton would benefit the country and perhaps end the over-the-top partisan divide that turns so many people off from politics.

Barbara Bush, of course, is correct in bemoaning the sad state of affairs of a country that only produces potential leaders from people named Kennedy, Clinton and Bush. Since that sad reality exists, the US should make the most of a bad situation.

Jeb is naïve to base his decision on whether to run on whether he can avoid “the vortex of a mud fight." Unlimited spending by special interest groups guarantees a slime–fest. 

If brash Chris Christie or right-wing ideologue Ted Cruz throws their hats into the ring, they are bound to launch a salvo against the restoration of the Bush dynasty, especially in light of the mess Dubya left the country in.

Hillary would destroy either Christie or Cruz. Jeb would give her a good run for the money, which is why he should run for president.