iraqThe Government of Iraq has renewed its one-year $960K PR contract with Podesta Group to "promote a better understanding with the US of its priorities and concerns," according to the contract between the two parties.

The work, which runs through 2014, is designed to “further the purposes of the Strategic Framework Agreement” and facilitate a dialog with the American Congress and Obama Administration.

Podesta will develop a strategic communications and PR plan as well as other services agreed beforehand in writing. It will provide Iraq with monthly written reports to summarize its efforts and progress to reaching the country’s objectives.

Iraq will pay Podesta $240K quarterly, a sum payable in advance of each period.

PR expenses for items such as subscription services, events, digital, media monitoring or advertising are to be passed through at cost.

Iraq has designated Ambassador Lukman Faily as its representative to the Washington-based firm.

Anthony Podesta inked the contract.