Publicis Groupe chief Maurice Levy called for a ban of the political use on data because interactivity is the “holy grail” of the advertising/PR world.

At a Cannes conference yesterday, he criticized any ownership of information, saying everyone deserves to own his/her own data. The Frenchman decried any moves by a government, Google, Facebook, or Twitter to control information.

He’s okay with those entities being “custodians” of information, as long as they are willing to share content with others. To Levy, sharing involves members of the Publicis family of firms eager to capitalize on personal data to market goods and services of clients.

Levy is aligned with his archrival & WPP chief Martin Sorrell in highlighting the potential threat of Google to the communication world.

At a March 31 conference in London, Sorrell once again rapped Google for a lack of transparency, accusing the search giant of stiffing media companies. He said Google wants to cut out the middle man and deal directly with clients to place advertising.

Levy couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Sorrell. The opening question at his Q&A dealt with his English rival’s contention that small, agile and smart companies represent the biggest threat to the communications conglomerate.

Levy rejected that notion, saying small companies spur creativity and new opportunities for Publicis, snarklily adding they might be a problem for Sir Martin.