Despite unexpected on-the-field success, the New York Mets have had a tough week since the New York Times stirred things Sunday giving plenty of coverage to a Facebook study that found every single zip code in the metropolitan New York cursed with a majority Yankee fan base.

metsThe Amazin’s did run a strong second to the Yanks in the area surrounding their home stadium, Citi Field.

That regurgitated NYT slap apparently inspired the panicky New York Mets PR dept. to release a letter yesterday from team icons Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Cleon Jones, Ed "The Glider" Charles, Jerry Koosman and Doc Gooden from the 1969 Miracle Mets and 1986 World Champions begging fans to go out to Citi to cheer their heroes on.

They wrote: "When we won in '69 and '86, we, the players, didn't do it on our own. We made history together -- players and fans—through a gritty, even stubborn, belief in this club against all odds," they wrote in a statement that rang true of the overachievers of '69 but misrepresents the arrogant and swaggering squad of '86.

The missive's biggest fault is failing to talk up the current product, which has held its own in a pretty tough early season schedule.

The letter reeks of desperation from an ownership, which is spending as if the Mets are playing in a small market city of Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Minnesota rather than the biggest stage in baseball, where the media’s spotlight shines on the corporate bunch in the Bronx with owners willing to spend whatever it takes.

Naysayers look at the punch-less Mets’ offense and predict that in August there will be more tumbleweeds blowing across the diamond at Citi Field than fans in the stands. The current team, however, resembles the '69 team that featured overpowering pitching and a not-so-great batting line-up. Time will tell.

One thing for certain: the Mets are performing better this year than the team's clueless PR unit.

Let’s go Mets!