Cassidy & Assocs. has retained Cloakroom Advisors as subcontractor for its push to pressure the Government of Bangladesh to suspend a human rights tribunal probing atrocities in the country’s war of independence from Pakistan of more than 40 years ago in which up to 3M people died.

The Bangladesh International Crime Tribunal, which handed down its first indictments in 2010, has been investigating allegations of murder, rape and torture by the Pakistan Army and its collaborators against largely Hindu communities.

On behalf of the Organization of Peace and Justice, Cassidy/Cloakroom maintain that Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League political party is using the BICT to punish its opposition.

The PR campaign aimed at US policy makers, thought leaders and select journalists in foreign policy outlets seeks to raise “international awareness and education about the miscarriage of justice carried out by the BICT and the negative impact the proceedings have on human rights and democratic freedoms,” according to Cassidy’s agreement.

Cloakroom is the firm of Gregg Hartley, who stepped down as Cassidy’s vice chairman and COO at yearend 2013.

He was a top aide to former Congressional Republican whip Roy Blunt, who now is Missouri’s junior Senator.

Cassidy is part of Interpublic.