jetJET magazine, which launched 63 years ago and played a key role in reporting on the early days of the civil rights movement, is going all digital at the end of next month.

Rather than saying good-bye to the weekly magazine launched by her father, John, Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of Johnson Publishing Co., said she is "embracing the future" and taking JET to the next level.

JET is going electronic-only because "everything is moving faster," resulting in "more news but less time to read it," said Rice in a statement.

With a rate base of 700K, JET is the No. 3 magazine in the African-American market.

The digital Jet promises breaking news, enhanced maps, interactive charts, more photographs and video interviews regarding entertainment, pop culture, social issues and politics affecting the black community.

The Chicago-based publisher says there will be an annual print edition of its JET flagship.