stuart chapmanStuart Chapman, one-time chief of staff to powerful Democratic West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, has signed on as Washington lobbyist for Comcast.

Rockefeller, who will not seek re-election in 2014, chairs the Commerce, Science and Transportation committee.

Chapman will help shepherd Comcast's $45B merger with Time Warner Cable through the regulatory thicket.

Netflix is among critics of that deal, fearing a successful merger would result in major problems on the `Net Neutrality protection front.

Jennifer Khoury, senior VP for corporate and digital communications at Comcast, has mounted a spirited rebuttal of Netflix.

She’s blogged that Internet interconnection concern has nothing to do with `Net Neutrality but an attempt by the streaming video/DVD rental-by-mail company’s “wanting to unfairly shift its costs from its customers to all Internet customers.”