mark minerMark Miner, a top PR aide to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, has moved back to the Austin office of McGuire Woods Consulting as a senior VP.

Miner was press secretary and communications advisor to Perry during his 2010 re-election and 2012 presidential campaign. He previously joined McGuire Woods in 2012 before leaving a year later to re-join Perry has the governor mulled whether to run again or mount another presidential campaign. [Perry announced in July that he will not run again.]

McGuireWoods president and former congressman L.F. Payne said Miner played a key role in getting the Washington-based firm's Austin office launched, adding, "we are very excited to welcome him back."

Miner was communications director for Tex. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, and worked Bill Simon's aborted 2003 run for California governor.