Edelman has teamed with the firm of former Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to offer PR/risk management services designed to help clients bolster security in the wake of the fast-moving dynamic threat environment.

michael chertoffChertoff, who helped FEMA rebound from the leadership of Michael Brown following the screw-up of Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, also served as assistant attorney general in the Justice Dept.’s criminal division and federal judge. He’s noted for co-authoring the USA Patriot Act.

The alliance forges Edelman’s crisis/risk communications savvy with The Chertoff Group’s cyber security risk assessment and mitigation strategy.

David Chamberlin heads Edelman’s data security/privacy group, while TCG is led by its co-founder/CEO Chad Sweet, the former CIA operative, Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs investment banker and Chertoff’s chief of staff at DHS.

Chertoff chairs TCG.