Turkey’s DC embassy has lined up Chicago’s Alpaytac for a one-year contract pegged at $1.4M for PR and communications services.

huma gruazHuma Gruaz, Turkey’s former national swimming champion, member of its national team and ex-president of Turkish American Cultural Alliance, launched the Windy City shop in 2004 after 15 years in marketing/PR.

She began a communications career at Ogilvy & Mather, where she counseled Shell Oil, Unilever, Hoover, Spice Islands and Philips Electronics.

Under the contract, Alpaytac is required to maintain a Washington office staffed by a PR savvy, Turkish speaker who understands the political dynamics between Turkey and the US.

Bi-monthly meetings between the two parties are required, as well as monthly activity reports.

The Embassy must approve the dissemination of all PR information and materials released on its behalf. It acknowledges that "pre-approved information and materials released by Alpaytac on its behalf may be changed and edited at the discretion of broadcasters and publishers in a way that may render information less accurate," according to the pact.

The contract runs through May 12, 2015. Either party may ax the pact after Nov. 12 with 30-days of advance notice.