Red Bull wants its burgeoning media unit to become as big as its energy drink business, said Werner Brell, managing director at Red Bull Media House, which launched 2007 in the company’s native Austria.

The Wrap event
Sharon Waxman interviews Chipotle's Mark Shambura.

Speaking at yesterday’s branded entertainment event presented by The Wrap, Brell didn’t disclose revenue figures of its print/online/mobile/TV/music operation, but he did note the drink unit is a “five-billion can” enterprise.

The Red Bulletin, which started as a marketing tool, now gets half of its content from non-RB related topics and wants to compete with publications such as Rolling Stone and Outside magazines.

The magazine, which is slated for its first ABC audit next year, is positioned as an active lifestyle publication aimed at males from 18-to-34.

RB operates a state-of-the-art video production facility in Santa Monica and ten recording studios throughout the world.

The low-key studios, according to Brell, have unlisted phone numbers and are apparent only to those in the know. “They are booked every day,” he added.

The company has worked with Fox Sports and NBC on the TV programming front.

Brell said RB knew it had established media cred when the broadcaster’s creative and programming executives, not ad sales people, attended pitch sessions.

No longer in the “pay for play” business, RB is in the story-telling business offering consumers authentic and meaningful content, according to Brell.

Sharon Waxman, CEO/founder of the “must-read” Hollywood publication The Wrap, interviewed Brell at “The Grill” event, which was held in New York (Time Warner Center) for the first time.

Edelman's Becker

Waxman said Brell, a lawyer by training, provides RB with an objective and fresh look at content creation unfettered by the rules of Madison Ave. or the Columbia School of Journalism. The self-described “hard-bitten journalist” said she was floored by the sophisticated operation of RB’s California studio.

Another speaker, Mark Shambura, director of brand marketing at Chipotle Mexican Grill, reviewed the success of its “Farmed and Dangerous” comedy series that ran on Hulu.

The unbranded four shows of 20 minutes amplify the fast feeder’s values based on fresh, quality food grown/produced “with integrity.”

Chipotle’s mission is “to educate consumers about where their food comes from,” said Shambura.

Edelman and Maker, the video producer recently acquired by Walt Disney Co, sponsored the event.

Gail Becker, president of Edelman strategic partnerships/global integration, presented her firm’s eight annual entertainment survey at the event.

Called "Entertainment in the Era of the Selfie," the study found that people increasingly demand content that’s immediate, captivating and focused on them.