The rules at Lincoln Center are warped. Try and walk on the grassy hill behind Avery Fisher Hall when you are not supposed to and a phalanx of security guards will descend like a pack of TSA agents on a water bottle. 

metHeaven forbid you push a toddler in a tricycle, or attempt to sit anywhere near the fountain which surrounds the promenade -- you'll feel the wrath of blue-shirted private security before you can know it.

Three-year old kids running in circles in the outdoor space at 6:30 a.m.?  Take it from this Lincoln Center resident who has spent many uber-early mornings outside with his kids -- Lincoln Center security is harsh. (And don't even think of taking pictures of the building...)

One may wish that their attitude towards "freedom" inside was harsher than "freedom" outside their halls.

With "The Death of Klinghoffer" premiering there in amid controversy October, an opera which the Met director says "looks for humanity in the terrorists," one may think that such an event is more dangerous to kids than running in Lincoln Center.

Mocking the death of a World War II veteran is much more dangerous than sitting near a fountain. Values matter -- and an art world, which deems it acceptable to glorify the murderers of a disabled New Yorker, are warped to worry more about kids playing on the grass than about glorifying killers on stage.

Perhaps the board of directors of the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center should spend a little more time and effort policing the inside of Lincoln Center -- and a little less worrying about kids playing in early mornings.

* * *

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W PR, is guilty of allowing his kids to ride bikes and scooters outside of Lincoln Center -- even when security warns him not to.