An attempt yesterday to reach PRSA chair Joe Cohen via a personal visit to his office at 304 Park Ave. South at 23rd st., New York, failed. He has not responded to O'Dwyer phone calls, e-mails or letters.

Cohen, a senior VP at MWW Group, has yet to address the New York chapter or any New York group, based on data available to this website.

MWW's New York offices
Photo: Sharlene Spingler

Questions e-mailed to Cohen on issues such as the sudden resignation of CEO Bill Murray March 7 are ignored. Policy of Society chairs since 2005, when Judith Phair held that post, is to avoid questions put to them by O’Dwyer staffers.

The last press conference by the Society board or chairs took place in 1993 at the annual conference in Orlando. Hal Warner was chair.

An O'Dwyer reporter visited the offices of Cohen in an attempt to chat with him personally but was unsuccessful.

A security guard on the first floor took a driver's license for identification, writing down the name, and allowed the reporter to go to the eighth floor offices of MWW.

A request was made to the receptionist to see Cohen. A staffer came out and accepted an envelope addressed to him. Whether Cohen was present at the time could not be learned.

The envelope had copies of the May ranking issue of O’Dwyer’s magazine, several O’Dwyer newsletters, and the following letter:

June 26, 2014

Dear Joe:                                                  
Because efforts of Publisher Jack O’Dwyer’s to communicate with you by phone and e-mail have gone unheeded, he has sent me to your office today as a Goodwill Ambassador.
Enclosed please find our May rankings issue. I would also like to invite you to our office at 271 Madison Avenue, between 39th and 40th, to view the largest library on the PR industry.
Jack would love to discuss the industry with you. No doubt you would also like to meet the hardest working editors in PR, Kevin McCauley and Greg Hazley who relentlessly cover the industry for our daily website.
Have a lovely day and enjoy the enclosed cognitive hors d’oeurves.



Sharlene Spingler

Associate Publisher & Editor