tribbettThe political blogger and Democratic operative hired by the Washington Redskins to help defend the team's name from cries of racism said he will resign after less than two weeks.

Ben Tribbett, who penned the "Not Larry Sabato" blog on Virginia politics, said July 7 on Twitter that he was resigning from the team. "I don't want to be a distraction to the team as the political attacks have shifted towards being personal toward me," he wrote, adding that he hopes his exit "allows debate to move back to where it should be."

Tribbett shut down his political blog when he started working for the Redskins in late June. He is credited with organizing the "Redskins Pride" caucus in the Virginia General Assembly and gave the team a Democratic voice where much of the criticism has come from that party.

Tribbett has been criticized in recent days over his role in the downfall of former Sen. George Allen, who lost his seat after a remark deemed racially insensitive to a rival staffer. CBS DC also reported that Tribbett made derogatory comments about a Native American man on Twitter in 2010.