putinThe Government of Russia cut spending at Ketchum 30 percent to $4M during its latest six-month period compared to year ago figures.

The Russian Federation sliced outlays spending to $1.5M for the session ended in May, down from $1.9M in 2013.

Gazprom, the government-owned energy entity, allocated $2.5M, rather than the comparable $3.8M amount.

The Omnicom unit this year invited media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Financial Times, Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, and PBS to events in Moscow and Washington, DC, regarding the global economy and international energy scene.

Ketchum also pithed outlets about a roundtable with strongman Vladimir Putin.

For Gazprom, the firm pitched its Blue Corridor venture with Germany's gas company, E.ON, to promote the use of natural gas in transportation vehicles and the Gagarin Cup hockey championship.