5W PR is handling police pushback over New York City Council president and leading mayoral candidate Christine Quinn's support for an inspector general to serve as an independent monitor over the activities of the 35K-member New York Police Department.

SBAThe firm represents the 11K-strong Sergeants Benevolent Assn., which today ran full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal, Daily News and New York Post taking Quinn to task for her backing of the watchdog.

The ad blasts Quinn's position as "political pandering at its most reprehensible." It says the NYPD "already has the most oversight of any police department in the nation" in "addition to numerous media outlets that consistently chronicle the department daily operations."

New York police commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Mike Bloomberg oppose the monitor. Kelly believes "another layer of so-called supervision or monitoring can ultimately make this city less safe," while Bloomberg promises to veto and inspector general bill.

Quinn and the four top Democratic candidates for mayor support the independent watchdog as a way to curb abuses in the NYPD's "stop and frisk" strategy.

The SBA claims "the answer to stop question and frisk likes not in an inspector general but rather in the value of education."