Craig Fahle, a popular talk show host on Detroit Public Radio, has taken the PA director post at the motor city's auctioneer of abandoned/foreclosed homes.
The Detroit Land Bank Authority is the clearinghouse of the bankrupt city's effort to re-occupy the thousands of empty houses the blot neighborhoods.
site currently lists 26 properties up for auction at bids starting at a minimum of $1,000.
Its been auctioning two houses per day with the warning that the properties will require rehab costs far greater than the winning bids.
Also, failure to bring a property up to code within six months will result in forfeiture.

On his program, Fahle talks up local issues and the challenges facing the city's recovery. Mayor Mike Duggan predicts Fahle is going to be a great asset for the Bank
because he understands the importance of its role in transforming the city.

Fahle will join the Bank Aug. 11.