Sarah Palin is the latest quasi-celeb to take a fling at hosting her own 24-7 online channel, the ultimate ego booster.

sarah palinIn her introduction for the big show, the ex-half-term governor of Alaska calls the her way to fly under the mainstream media (what happened to her "lamestream" endearment) radar to avoid the filter of political correctness and DC crony capitalism.

Palin though is pretty dependent on the savvy of establishment media heavyweights. Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBC Universal TV, and Jon Klein, one-time president of CNN/US, are founders of TAPP, which supports Palin's latest hobby.

Michael Greer, ex-chief technology officer of the satirical The Onion, is another co-founder of TAPP. Hopefully, he have some editorial input at Palin TV.

Palin promises behind-the-scenes of her personal life as mother, grandmother, wife and neighbor. Daughter Bristol will blog on mom's channel.

Congratulations go to Palin on her venture. I hope she does better than the RightNework, which launched in 2010 with programming from the likes of Joe the Plumber. RightNetwork, which had backing from Kelsey Grammer and Philadelphia sports/entertainment magnate Ed Snider, went dark in 2011.

An early hunch: Fox contributor Palin may be following the footsteps of fellow right-winger Glenn Beck, who lost much of his limelight when he cut ties with Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

It's hard to imagine millions of people forking over $99.95 per-year to get their fill of the former Vice Presidential candidate's musings of the day.

She's a freebie on Fox for millions of her hard-core fans.