Islamic Relief USA of Alexandria has reached for Keller McIntyre for DC guidance regarding disaster aid, humanitarian crises and foreign assistance.

islamic relief usaIRUSA has been active in rounding up food (flour, rice, sugar, oil, corned beef) and non-food (blankets, mattresses, mats, jerry cans, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, tarpaulin) to displaced Palestinians in Gaza and Syrians in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.  IRUSA says more than 1,300 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict with Israel, 7,600 injured and 200K added to existing UN refugee camps.

The organization also works in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Sudan, Chad, Pakistan, India, Kenya and Bangladesh,

According to its 2013 financial statement, IRUSA has yearend assets of $56.7M. It reported $48M in cash gifts and $18.6M in in-kind contributions.

Co-founder Anwar Kahn leads the charity, which has seven offices and 100 staffers.

Tom Keller and Mark McIntyre, veterans of Russ Reid's Washington office, handle the IRUSA business.

Russ Reid, which is part of Omnicom, says it’s the largest marketing communications outfit dedicated to non-profits. It has represented Habitat for Humanity, Mothers' Against Drunk Driving and World Vision.

Prior to Russ Reid, Keller served as staffer for Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats, while McIntyre was at Interpublic's Cassidy & Associates.