The Federal Bureau of Investigations' PA office is looking for a daily news briefing service to "summarize, interpret and electronically disseminate print and broadcast news related to FBI interests," according to RFP.

It believes the report will afford FBI executives and personnel "comprehensive situational awareness of important developments as reported in the national and international media."

The Justice Department unit lists technical requirements such as the "use of human analysts to "characterize the coverage such as FBI officials can quickly get a sense of how widely various story elements we ran and also for the general tonality of the coverage," and ability to cover content areas like international relations, counterterrorism, finances, criminal investigations, and cyber probes.

The hired contractor will be able to move beyond FBI-centric stories to provide an overview of news of interest to high-level decision-makers, as well as a summary of White House and Congressional events.

The FBI believes its PA office needs the savvy to monitor "breaking news, editorials, long-term journalism projects, and the larger public conversation about law enforcement projects, national security, international affairs and civil rights" to better disseminate FBI public information during a major incident or crisis.

The contract shall be for one-year with four option years.

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