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American media have an “anti-Israel bias” according to political writer Floyd Brown while lawyer/journalist Glenn Greenwald says “most American journalists are cowards when it comes to Israel.”

Brown, who has written for the San Francisco Chronical, Washington Times and other media, wrote in the Wall Street Daily that “some simple-minded journalists have even accused Israel of war crimes. The fact that such twisted reporting exists in the mainstream press is truly appalling, yet these stories continue to populate the airwaves.” He says the war was started by Hamas which sent a “rain of rockets on the heads of Israeli civilians and children.”

Hamas has been publicizing child casualties “because it knows that European and American audiences only get distorted news coverage. The truth is that Gaza’s leaders know America’s left-wing media is as compliant to Hamas as it is to Obama,” he wrote.

The policy of Hamas is to use schools, hospitals, and mosques as arms depots and staging grounds in order to “maximize civilian casualties even as Israel has repeatedly tried to limit civilian deaths,” he said.

Greenwald Says U.S. Reporters Duck

Greenwald, whose remarks to The Huffington Post Aug. 4 were carried on Press TV, the state-run Iranian website and elsewhere, was a columnist for the Guardian US in 2012-13 and is an occasional contributor to The Guardian. He has also written for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and American Conservative.

He gives an “F” to American journalists for their coverage of Israel/Gaza.

“There’s no question that the way American media covers this conflict is based on the principle that Israeli lives are just inherently more valuable than Palestinian lives,” he said. “It takes probably 50 Palestinians being killed to get anywhere near the attention of, say, an elderly Israeli woman being frightened in her home and having some kind of a medical problem because of the trauma.”

He sees an “anti-Muslim strain” that runs through media coverage of the Middle East.
Almost as many Palestinians have been killed as Americans in 9/11 and the media has remained “essentially calm about it,” he said.

Dissent Squelched in Israel

“Open discourse and dissent appear to be among the casualties of the war in Gaza,” NYT Israel correspondent Jodi Rudoren wrote Aug. 6. Israeli politics have been trending “rightward” for years, she said, “and many see that trend is sharpening and solidifying now. Several polls find that as many as nine out of 10 Israeli Jews back the prosecution of the war by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Israelis who question the government or the military on Facebook, or who even share photographs of death and devastation in Gaza “find themselves defriended, often by people they thought were politically like-minded, she wrote.

“Less and less tolerance exits for such a multiplicity of voices,” wrote activist Naomi Chazan in a recent column in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which Rudoren describes as “left-leaning.”