Edelman has apologized for an Aug. 13 blog post by an executive VP describing actor Robin Williams' death as a "carpe diem moment" for mental health professionals and those suffering with depression.

edelman"We apologize to anyone offended with our post," the firm said in a statement. "We did not intend to capitalize on the passing of a great actor who contributed so much."

The blog post, which remains active on the Edelman website with the apology appended and several critical comments trailing, was written by EVP Lisa Kovitz.

"There’s a very careful line they need to walk so as to not seem exploitive of a terrible situation but at the same time, it is a national teachable moment that shouldn’t be ignored," she wrote, adding that "We too are balancing that line with this post."

Gawker.com highlighted the blog post, titled "Carpe Diem" after Williams' iconic line in "Dead Poets Society," in a critical Aug. 13 piece.