sri lankaThe Central Bank of Sri Lanka has recruited Liberty International Group to help improve the reputation of its home country in the US.

Liberty is the home of Florida politicos Connie Mack III and Connie Mack IV, who retired from US Senate and House respectively.

The Bank, which is called a "semi-autonomous financial institution of the Government of Sri Lanka,"hired Liberty to a one-year contract worth $760K.

According to its contract, the Bank wants to drive home the messages that Sri Lanka "suffered a long and brutal war," receives "unbalanced" media coverage that is "unfair, unwarranted and overshadows the impressive post-war socio-economic achievements of Sri Lanka" and is in the process of making a "genuine effort to improve the living standards of people in the conflict-affected areas."

Liberty will contact Members of Congress, Executive Branch officials, media outlets and opinion leaders of the Bank's behalf.