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UK Max Clifford Assocs. has shut down in the aftermath celebrity publicist's Max Clifford conviction for indecent assaults on women and girls, according to a report in the Express.

The 71-year-old Clifford was jailed in May on an eight-year sentence. MCA shutters with debt of about $750K and assets of $20K.

Clifford faces lawsuits, which could result in the sell-off of his three properties in Surrey and Spain, worth a combined $15M.

One suit seeks compensation of $2.4M. More are in the works.

Clifford and daughter Louise are sole shareholders of MCA. He had hoped MCA would continue under the leadership of his 43-year-old daughter, but she launched her own firm.

Clifford claimed that while a press officer at EMI in the early 1960s he helped launch The Beatles.

During his heyday, he represented Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye.