Image McDonald's faces Millennial challenge, loses luster with youth (WSJ)

Gov't The gov't is getting into the fact-checking business (The Week)

Mideast 'You're next,' Israeli PR campaign warns west (Israel Today)

Politics Rick Perry was winning the PR war, then he went and did this (Wash Post)

Careers How important is industry experience? (T. Leffler)

Crisis Discovery yanks hit show 'Sons of Guns' as star faces child rape charges (TMZ)

Washington Are American Jews turning on AIPAC? (New Yorker)

Crisis Widespread outage strikes Time Warner Cable (USAT)

PA House probes Labor Dept. PR spending (Wash Post)
Crisis In wake of Ferguson, police try to build trust (AP)

Food/Bev Top 3 reasons you drink what you drink (R. Polster)

Crisis Spanish retailer yanks kids shirts that look like Holocaust uniforms (Gawker)

Tech Twitter CEO: Snapchat at $10B 'not absurd' (Marketwatch)

Mideast Not just Gaza: Netanyahu's image needs rebuilding, too (Haaretz)

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