Clinton administration spokesmen, led by White House staffer turned TV host George Stephanopoulos, were the top dodgers among White House press secretaries over the past 21 years, according to an analysis by Buzzfeed.

buzzfeedThe news site said it looked at more than 5,000 press briefings to flag "weasel phrases" like "I can't comment on" or "I'm not aware" for its review.

Stephanopoulos, a frequent press briefer although he never held the press secretary title, used the most "weasel phrases" per 1,000 words (12.5) in dealing with reporters, followed closely by Clinton press secretaries Dee Dee Myers (11), Jake Siewert (10.9) and Joe Lockhart (8.2).

Press secretaries have said the phrase "I don't know" almost 10,000 times over the past 21 years, the most common response.

President Barack Obama's trusted PR hand Robert Gibbs followed (7.7) ahead of Bush administration press secretaries Tony Snow (7.2) and Dana Perino (7.1).

Current press secretary Josh Earnest was second to last (4.6) ahead of Bush's first spokesman, Ari Fleischer (3.4).

BF's John Temlon press secretaries gradually became more evasive from 2001-09, while the trend reversed in the Obama administration as spokesmen have become more direct.

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Most of the former White House spokespersons now work in PR with the exceptions of the late Tony Snow, who died in 2008, ABC News anchor Stephanoloulos, former Burson-Marsteller exec Dana Perino, now a Fox News pundit, and Obama alum Jay Carney, who has not yet taken a new job since stepping down this year. 

Current posts include Goldman Sachs (Siewert), Warner Bros. (Myers), Glover Park Group (Lockhart), Seattle University (Scott McClellan),  Public Strategies Washington (Mike McCurry) and Incite Agency (Gibbs). Fleischer heads his own sports-focused PR shop.