End of August epiphanies:

Do those who oppose the so-called "poor door" on the Upper West Side also oppose coach seats on an airplane? Or, do they oppose a "fast pass" at Disney? More money means more ... everywhere in the world. (And how many “poor” will rent in that area?)

Do the constant and endless nay-sayers of the police department call 911 when they need assistance? Do New Yorkers actually believe that in this day and age -- with an African-American president and inter-married couple in City Hall -- that police officers go out in NYC with the intent of choking people of color to death? 

Do our elected officials think of the impact upon morale for the NYPD when Reverend Al Sharpton makes that statement while sitting next to the Mayor? (And did any elected officials care to ask Rev. Al about the reputed $4.7 million in outstanding debt and liens he and his corporations owe the government?)

Testament to what a class act New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is can be seen in how he is being treated on the road all year by opposing ball teams and their fans. City by city, he's applauded – unheard of in today's day and age of sports. 

Most recently, this week the Detroit Tigers presented the 40-year-old with a donation to his charity. Jeter -- and the fans applauding him nationwide -- all deserve admiration in a world where decency and humanity are often absent.

The easiest defense to Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against the makers of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" where she claims they are using her image to benefit their business? They would not want anything to do with her brand -- nor would nearly any corporation. Lohan's suit is more absurd -- as the fictional character is attractive… which perhaps the actress was before countless rehab stints. Of course, Lindsay and the character are both blonde.

During the last days of August, I am already dreading the awful traffic, which infects New York City during the United Nations General Assembly which begins this year on September 15th.  The amount of foreign dignitaries who come and shut down the city annually is simply dreadful. 

Summer don’t leave us.

* * *

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.