marathonShockey Scofield Solutions is running Marathon Oil's DC lobbying push for a range of key issues.

The firm is tackling Congressional and Environmental Protection Agency activities regarding hydraulic fracking and offshore drilling, Bureau of Land Management permitting, energy tax matters and the White House Climate Action Plan.

Jeff Shockey is former Republican staff director at the House Appropriations Committee.

John Scofield worked as speechwriter for Oregon Republican Senator Mark Hatfield, press secretary to Jersey Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo, staffer at Appropriations and lobbyist for Podesta Group.

They work the Marathon business with Mike Ferrence, ex-staffer at Appropriations' Agriculture, Rural Development, Food & Drug Administration and Related Agencies panel.

Houston's Marathon Oil, which has operations in Iraq's Kurdistan region and Libya, earned $540M on $3B in second-quarter revenues. Those financial results excluded the Libyan property because of its uncertain fate due to the country's shaky political future.

SSS also reps Koch Industries, Halliburton, General Motors, Boeing, United Technologies and Northrop Grumman.