Climate activists from the UK-based group Reclaim the Power staged a graphic mock birth in Edelman's London lobby to protest the firm's work on behalf of shale gas companies.

The June 1 demonstration saw two activists pose as a married couple to deliver a "fracked baby," noting research that ties proximity to fracking sites to birth defects.

The Guardian reported that seven activists were arrested during the several actions on June 1.

Edelman works for the Task Force on Shale Gas, a nine-month-old industry group that promotes fracking. Edelman said the group "aims to provide a transparent, trusted, independent and impartial platform for public scrutiny, discussion and information about shale gas exploration and production in the UK."

The demonstration was among 18 others aimed at fossil fuel companies in the country, the grassroots group said. RTP activist Margaret Theobald said Edelman has a "history of creating controversy around an issue to confuse the public," noting documents that leaked last year on the firm's strategy for the TransCanada pipeline. [The firm and client split, soon after.]

Another PR firm targeted was Mediazoo, which represents energy company Ineos. Activists unfurled a banner protesting the firm's work on behalf of fracking and occupied the firm's lobby.

Activists also set up a "nuclear contamination zone" at the offices of PR firm Camargue, which works for UK nuclear power provider RWE npower.

Protesters staged a demonstration outside of Edelman's London office in 2009.

In 2013, after UK-based Bell Pottinger was targeted by Reclaim the Power, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman said making rational arguments for clients is not enough at a time when the messengers are the focus of protests, as well. "We are PR people who must explain complexity by acknowledging concerns, going beyond messaging to offer real depth of content and a chance for stakeholders to discuss the proposition," he wrote, comparing the situation to his firm's uphill climb with Walmart years earlier.