"Moscow is concerned by the signs of preparing the public opinion in the world to the possibility of intervention using forces into the lingering internal conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic," said a spokesman today for Russia's Foreign Ministry.

Russia Today, the mouthpiece of president Vladimir Putin’s government, reports that an international PR campaign may be turning the tide toward intervention to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

RT has got to be kidding.

It’s playing the old switcheroo campaign, whitewashing bad behavior by conjuring up the notion that poor old Bashar and his henchmen are misunderstood warriors fighting to prevent Syria from falling to the terrorists.

The 80K dead Syrian bodies -- mainly at the hands of Syria’s army, are not indicative of a PR problem. They are brutal facts on the ground, that no glossy PR campaign can ever dream of covering up.

Syria's government has shelled towns and villages of the Sunni majority and is suspected of resorting to chemical weapons. It allows the country to serve as a trans-shipment depot to funnel advanced weaponry to Israel’s No. 1 enemy, Hezbollah.

Syrian refugees have fled to camps in Turkey and Jordan to spread the human agony behind its borders. The onslaught to Jordan holds the potential to politically destabilize that country, which is America’s No 1 Arab ally in the Middle East.

Are those people leaving their homeland because Syria is getting bum PR? PR isn’t about image. It's about behavior. Assad is seriously misbehaving. He deserves whatever he gets.

It's high time for president Obama to quit dancing around his unfortunate "line in the sand" bungle and get down to business.