Barring any late breaking developments in the "can you believe this one," department, Fox News' media critic Bernie Goldberg and Boeing are awarded the coveted "PR Chutzpah of the Week."

Fox host Bill O'Reilly trotted out Goldberg for his take on coverage of the House hearings on the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, of which Rupert Murdoch's network has provided wall-to-wall coverage.

goldbergSaid Goldberg: "I would like to make three points, first. MSNBC, which ran zero seconds or minutes or anything of live coverage of the hearings, is not a liberal news organization or a left-wing news organization. It is not a news organization of any kind. It's a PR firm. And some of its clients don't want this story to go anywhere. Barack Obama doesn't, Hillary Clinton doesn't and Congressional Democrats don't want it go anywhere."

That's beyond rich.

It comes from a guy whose employer provided life support for Alaska's half-term governor Sarah Palin after her VP campaign flopped, and gave commentary gigs to the pack of knuckleheads who challenged Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination. 

Question for Bernie: Isn't Fox's overblown Benghazi coverage just an attempt to knock Clinton's leading poll numbers down a bit?

Boeing, the nation's No. 2 defense contractor, is bidding adieu to the National Memorial Day Parade that will run alongside the Mall in D.C. on May 27. It decided not to sponsor the parade, leaving the American Veterans Center scrambling to round up fresh cash. Dan Beck, a Boeing spokesperson, told the Washington Post that Boeing is not renewing after deciding to shift funds to other causes. Other causes!!!

What could top honoring the men and women who fought and died in the name of the U.S.?

Beck did not say how much Boeing paid for its co-sponsorship. The entire parade costs $400K. That's not even loose change for the defense monster. Boeing chalked up $27.8B in Pentagon contracts during FY12. That was only topped by the $29.2B haul of Lockheed Martin. Boeing' defense, space and security unit enjoyed $33B in revenues last year.

Boeing is already taking much PR heat over the Dreamliner woes of its $44B commercial airplane division. Does it really need the PR headache connected to its decision to stiff the vets' big show?

Well done, Bernie and Boeing. You will be hard to beat.