Marketwired took the pulse on an investor community increasingly leaning on social media for data, finding a emerging demographic which relies on SM while skepticism abounds in the elder ranks.

Polling 120 financial pros in the wake of the SEC's April nod to social media, MW found that while about half find social media sites blocked by employers, 39% of them check SM sites on personal electronic devices for investment info, anyway. Forty-eight percent said that although their company blocks social media sites they have seen colleagues using mobile devices of SM use.

Notable, 74% at large companies said social media sites are blocked, while 45% and small companies face similar obstacles.

An age gap is also apparent in the financial sector. While 53% of those under 40 years old believe information provided through social media is "very" or "somewhat" credible, only 18% aged 40-65 feel the same way and no one over 65 in the poll saw credibility with such info.