Kevin McCauleyAfter nearly 26 years (Columbus Day is my anniversary), I decided it's time to add another line to my resume.

Today is my last day at O'Dwyer's.

As editor/reporter for O'Dwyer's PR Service Report (monthly magazine), O'Dwyer's Washington Report, (bi-weekly newsletter covering PA/lobbying and news of DC), Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter (which the New York Times and Washington Post called the "bible of PR") and, I've had a front row seat to watch the transformation/professionalism of PR.

It's been quite a show.

I want to thank readers, advertisers, contributors, supporters and friends that I've worked with all these years. You made O'Dwyer's possible and my life easier.

Special thanks go to Jack O'Dwyer, the O'Dwyer family and colleagues for their support and encouragement.

I plan to re-surface in the PR world very soon.

Stay tuned.