Patton Boggs, which began work for Libya in 2011 with fees capped at $50K-per-month, has renewed its contract to an "as-needed basis," while maintaining a 20 percent discount for its legal representation.

Those fees range from $100-per-hour for a legal assistant to $995 for a partner.

In a May 7 letter, PB partner David Tafuri notes that representation will follow receipt of written notice from the Libyan Government.

The Libyans "are not obligated to pay any fees or costs to Patton Boggs, unless our firm receives a request for such services," wrote the one-time "rule of law coordinator" for the State Dept. in Baghdad, who leads the account. Tommy Boggs had headed the Libya business.

During 2012, PB received $262K from Libya for its work geared to presenting the former rebel grouping as the "legitimate government of Libya" and the "protection of Libyan assets in the U.S. and abroad for the benefit of the Libyan people," according to the new engagement letter.