Bangladesh, site of the horrific garment factory collapse in April, has retained Foley Hoag to promote the government's interest in workers' rights.

FH also will stress the importance of trade with Bangladesh to members of the Congress and the Obama administration and maintaining trade breaks for the impoverished nation.

More than 1,000 workers died in the building collapse.

A Labor Dept. statement released this month said, "Reports have shown that sub-standard buildings, poor emergency procedures, blocked fire exits, overcrowded workplaces, and inadequate inspection practices have resulted in a high death toll." It made a $2.5M grant to improve garment plant conditions in Bangladesh.

The country's central banker, Atiur Rahman, told the BBC today that the vast number of Bangladesh's factories comply with safety regulations. He urged garment buyers and trade unions to push for improved working conditions.

Gare Smith, founder of FL's corporate social responsibility heads the lobbying push for Bangladesh.

He coordinates activities with Akramul Qader, Bangladesh's ambassador to the U.S.