West Glen Communications, a long-running video PR services provider based in New York, has shuttered amid a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Chairman and president Stan Zeitlin signed the filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York on July 16, citing assets of less than $50K and liabilities from $1M-$10M. Creditors range from 100-199.

The firm produced PSAs, video news releases and conducted services like satellite media tours over four decades in the PR business. It started out in 1970 distributing sponsored films and rode the video PR wave from 16mm, to VHS and Beta, DVD and digital.

While demand for digital video services has surged over the past few years, many PR firms now have in-house studios or contract with small start-ups or freelancers as the cost of production has declined.

West Glen marked its 40th year in 2010.

Video PR giant Medialink went through a rocky period before being acquired in 2009. Another long-running VNR firm On the Scene Productions went under that same year. That preceded the fall of monitoring company VMS in 2011.