Anthony WeinerNow that he’s been blindsided, what can disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer do to revive the buzz in his campaign for comptroller of the Big Apple? 

New York City mayor candidate Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) certainly stole the spotlight from Spitzer yesterday via a news conference to deal with a fresh batch of sexting rants.

That session, co-starring wife Huma Abedin (a veteran of the Clinton hanky-panky era), jolted Spitzer, who was getting great press of late for his pulpit apology tour for his own dalliances with prostitutes.

Eliot’s mini-meet and greet photo op yesterday underneath No. 7 “el-line” in Jackson Heights, Queens just didn’t cut it. Be creative, Eliot.

At yesterday’s press conference, Weiner reminded the audience that during his initial apology he warned that more lewd messages were bound to surface.  That was a feeble attempt to play down the latest salacious tests, of which some are true and some are false. Press-savvy Weiner knows better.

We are in midst of the summer news doldrums. The oppressive heat that has kept New York City sweltering has worsened the news drought.

Weiner’s woes are small potatoes compared to the big issues facing the country like the economy, immigration and healthcare reform. But he offers grand entertainment compared to the same old political gridlock that makes a mockery out of Washington.

For instance, are Republicans once again throwing a hissy fight and threatening to shut down the government? Is the president again offering a plan to revive the economy via a proposal of small-bore programs? Be there, done that. Spare us.

Today, the former Brooklyn/Queens Congressman said people who know him are still going to vote for him. That may be true, but this former Weiner backer isn’t so sure.  New York is big time. It deserves better than having a narcissist like Weiner as the public face of the world’s greatest city.

Howard DeanI’m jumping back on the bandwagon of public advocate Bill de Blasio, the pride of Brooklyn. Though low-key and heart-in-the-right place de Blasio has been polling around 11 percent, he claims to have a “path to victory.”

He does show PR potential. Former presidential candidate Howard Dean, during a July 23 fund-raiser at a bar in Prospect Heights, updated the famous “Dean scream” for de Blasio.

Dean would be a powerful campaign surrogate for de Blasio as the Democratic primary for mayor winds down.  Thankfully, the race will carry us through the August Congressional recess. 

What does Eliot do to regain his PR mojo?