sabicWeber Shandwick is handling PR for SABIC, the 70 percent Saudi Arabia government-owned plastics, chemicals, fertilizer and metals producer.

The PR unit of Interpublic provides marketing communications duties, including drafting/pitching press releases, media monitoring, arranging interviews, publishing articles for trade and vertical publications and doing on-site event support.

WSis conducing the work under an Interpublic inter-company pact.

SABIC is active in more than 40 countries, generating annual revenues of more than $50B.

CEO Mohammed Al-Mady told a July 21 press conference in Riyadh that SABIC is looking to expand in the U.S.  to offset economic slowdowns in Europe and China, troubled markets that contributed to the company’s 14 percent decline in second-quarter profit.

He sees an opportunity to cash-in on the shale gas boom here that has cut the cost of raw materials needed to power petrochemical facilities.

The plan is for SABIC to step up exports from its U.S. facilities, according to Al-Mady.