FTI Consulting has recruited Cheryl Davis, who headed cybersecurity policy at the US National Security Council, for the managing director slot in its technology practice.

Cheryl DavisCheryl Davis

Based in DC, Davis will advise clients on data system design, threat prevention, incident response and remediation, privacy and security.

She will work with senior managing director Anthony Ferrante, who served as director of cyber incident response at the USNSC.

As advisor to the Obama/Trump administrations, Davis led the federal government's response to malicious cyber activity that threatened the US and its allies.

As US lead on China's cyber matters, Davis coordinated the agreement between the two states that set the rules for theft of intellectual property.

Sophie Ross, global CEO of FTI's technology segment, said as clients respond to increasingly large and varied cyber threats Davis' experience "becomes vital in helping them protect against cyber incidents and implement strategies to decrease future exposure.”