Four years ago, Donald Trump chided President Obama for pressuring the Washington Redskins football team to change the team name, a moniker that offends millions of Americans. 

The New Yorker apparently felt that taking on the Redskins was a sideshow, diverting the then-commander-in-chief’s attention from more pressing matters of state. (Speaking of sideshows, Trump served as unofficial spokesperson for the for birther movement, which has evolved into the Trumpian effort to expunge any sign of Obama and his eight years of accomplishments from the White House.)

President Trump has now put the National Football League and, to a lesser extent, National Basketball Association superstar Steph Curry on his top priority list.

My esteemed colleague, Fraser Seitel, today examined Trump’s plunge into the world of professional sports and protest. He wrote:

President Knucklehead Smith tweeted that players who knelt during the anthem should be fired, thus reigniting the unwanted, unneeded and ultimately unwinnable firestorm.

“Why, you may ask, would anyone volunteer to restart debate on such an incendiary and unrelated issue? Answer: Because he’s President and you’re not.”

There’s a very good reason for Trump to take on the football players who took a knee during yesterday’s games.

Hello, ObamaCare.

The Senate this week will vote again to repeal ObamaCare, stripping 30M Americans from healthcare coverage.

The Graham/Cassidy replacement bill, which even supporter Senator Chuck Grassley says has at least 10 reasons to vote against it, is expected to go down in defeat.

Trump campaigned on a promise to kill ObamaCare and replace it with “something terrific” that was going to be cheaper for consumers and the government.

He told a campaign rally in Las Vegas: “You will end up with great healthcare for a fraction of the cost and that will take place immediately after we go in. Immediately! Fast! Quick!”

The football imbroglio is a godsend for Trump, shifting attention from another of his empty promises.

The President will surely watch the beginning of the Dallas Cowboys/Arizona Cardinals game tonight. 

ESPN, in a break from its standard programming practice for Monday Night Football, will broadcast the National Anthem live so viewers can see which players are standing or kneeling.

Trump’s itchy fingers will be set to go on a Twitter rampage.

Meanwhile, North Korea today accused the US of declaring war and vowed to shoot down any American bomber flying inside or outside its airspace.

Go Cowboys, America's Team.