Ogilvy PR generated the buzz surrounding yesterday's unveiling of the world's first test-tube burger.

Photo: David Parry/PA Wire
The event drew more than 200 scientists, foodies, nutritionists and reporters to a London TV studio for the grand tasting affair.

Scientists at Holland's Maastricht University grew the single patty from the stem cells of cattle at a cost of more than $330K. 

Google founder Sergey Brin funded the effort to "show the world that in the future meat will not necessarily have to come from the environmentally and economically costly rearing and slaughtering of millions of animals," according to Reuters.

The Wall Street Journal noted the "lab-grown meat isn’t considered a genetically modified food because the cells in the meat are derived from the same cells that grow into muscle cells in cows."

Tasters said the synthetic product had "good mouth feel" and tasted like meat but without the juiciness of the real stuff. Color also was lacking.

It will be at least 20 years before the petri dish-grown meat hits food shelves.

Ogilvy’s London outpost handled the "lavish event" that "bore more resemblance to a TV set than a scientific conference," reported the Guardian.