Republican National Committee chief Reince Priebus and lefty Media Matters for America founder David Brock have little in common on the political front.

clintonThey are allies when it comes to panning NBC and CNN for plans to air a mini-series on Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election -- albeit for opposite reasons.

Priebus anticipates a puff piece playing up the virtues of the former First Lady, New York Senator and Secretary of State. He expects NBC and CNN to punch Hillary’s ticket to the White House.

In his letter to NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt, Priebus sees "a deliberate attempt at influencing American political opinion in favor of a preferred candidate." 

In a desperate act of retaliation, the RNC chairman promises to ask Republican candidates to boycott any presidential-related debates on NBC and CNN. Of course, skipping the debates would kill their chance of winning the top prize. Singing to the choir on Fox News isn't the road to the Oval Office.

Brock worries that any Clinton piece would be a smack-down. He wrote: "How will your network respond to the right-wing noise machine that is already pressuring you to adopt its ideological lens on Clinton? Fox News has already done segments suggesting the mini-series will be 'airbrushed' or 'revisionist history' if it doesn’t include phony scandals like 'Travelgate,' 'Filegate' and 'Whitewater.' The threat of misinformation and distortions is too high."

Priebus and Brock should take a deep breath. NBC and CNN have the right to air whatever they want. Hillary is a public figure. Let the chips falls where they may.

One thing is for sure: Hillary matters. And that's more then what can be said about most politicians.