Facebook users are not keen about being "friended" by either their boss or fellow workers, according to a poll released by Office Team, a unit staffing giant Robert Half Co.

Nearly seven-in-ten respondents (68 percent) are "not very comfortable" or "not comfortable at all" with being friended by their boss.

Forty-nine percent feel uncomfortable when colleagues friend them.

The survey also rated friending by clients and vendors. They drew uncomfortable scores of 74 percent and 78 percent, respectively.

Robert Hosking, executive director of Office Team, said the results show that that "it's best not to blanket colleagues with friend requests."

Office Team believes there’s a benefit in reaching out to business contacts as long as that outreach is done in a prudent fashion.

It recommends letting your boss making the first move in the friending process, checking out whether colleagues have other co-workers in their networks before asking them to connect, asking a person if they want to connect before sending an invite, checking your profile to make sure their isn’t anything that might damage your career, and refusing to cave-in to peer pressure about connecting.

The survey of more than 1,000 senior managers from companies with at least 20 employees was released Aug. 8.